Some recent clients and testimonials

Frank possesses the gifts of accuracy, precision, thoroughness and speed in equal, outstanding measure. Nothing gets past him. I always learn something from going over his corrections. He is simply the best I have ever worked with.

          Keith Wideman, Editor, Aurora Production

When the number of edits seemed overwhelming, Frank’s clear and easy manner made that phase easier. Plus he delivered earlier than promised. What a gift! I plan to use him on other editing projects. Why suffer with my own skills when Frank’s are better and faster?

          Carol Courcy, President at Carol C. Courcy and Associates

          Author of “Save Your Inner Tortoise

Frank is extremely attentive to detail and marries a bookkeeper’s precision with a writer’s creativity in his copyediting work. His proofreading is excellent in catching spelling, grammar, and contextual errors. I highly recommend his work.

          Thomas Hack, CEO at Activated Ministries

Thank you for your time and devotion to my work. Not too many old-school professionals like you are left in this modern world.

          Olga D’Agostino, Mrs. D. Books

          Author of “Carlo the Mouse on Vacation” and “The Trees Have Hearts”

Frank is my go-to guy for all my proofreading needs. My company provides a full range of author services and I always contract with Frank when I or my clients need quality, top-notch proofreading done.  He is prompt and professional in his communications and delivers reliably and on time. His work is consistently the best I’ve seen. I plan to continue working with him for a long time.

          Bethany Kelly, President, Kelly Communications Inc.

Frank is exactly what you’re looking for in an editor. He is detail-oriented, meticulous and hard-working, yet he has just the right amount of creative spice to improve your product. Moreover, he respects the writer’s voice. While he is precise when it comes to copyediting, he is not rigid—he allows an author’s voice to flow and then applies the correct riverbanks. I look forward to working with him again.

        Trey Bahm, Independent Political Organization Professional, and author of The Warrant and The Rich Young Senator

You are so amazing and you made my book sing! Thank you again, not only for your expertise, but for being the caring and thoughtful person you are in doing your work. You are an amazing man and I am honored to know you and to call you “my editor extraordinaire”!

    Judy K. Katz, MCC, RScP. Certified Master coach, author, spiritual mentor

    Author of “Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt

Frank was recommended by Bethany Kelly to copy edit my book, Every Woman Should Know Her Options. He exceeded my expectations. What I liked most about Frank is that he explained his strategy and educated me on how grammar and writing styles have evolved from what I learned in middle school. He made the process fun, interesting, and stress-free.

      Laurie Itkin, Speaker, Author, Financial Adviser and Founder of The Options Lady

An ace at fact checking.

      Sharyl Attkisson

      Investigative Journalist, Author of NYT Bestsellers Stonewalled, The Smear, and Slanted. 

As I go through your edits on chapter 1, I’ve decided that you’re an editing rockstar. :-)

      Kevin Nourse, PhD, Principal and Founder at Nourse Leadership Strategies

When you need more than “just a proofreader,” hire Frank! He challenges assumptions, double-checks facts, and reads with such attention to detail that you get a better-than-you-expected final product.

      Liz Goodgold, Speaker, Author, and Brand Master

      Author of How to Speak Gooder: Brand-New Rules for Public Speaking in a Digitally Distracted World

Thank you, Frank, for your great editing! The book is getting good reviews on Amazon.

      Holly Williams, Founder and President, Executive Coach, MAGUS Group Coaching

      Author of Being Coached: Group and Team Coaching from the Inside

Frank, you exemplify the word “artisan.” You did everything you could to make sure the book was of the highest quality. Your patience with a novice publisher was much appreciated. 

    Wendy Jones, author and playwright

    Author of An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones

Email: frank@steele-editing.com 
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici