Services: Corporate work

You need more than capable proofreading, editing, and indexing:

• You need your work done quickly. I can provide 24-hour service for corporate proofreading and editing (whether it’s in Word or Adobe files) if it’s possible—if the file is short enough to handle within that time frame and if I’m not doing similar rush work for another client. I’m available to work on weekends if necessary.

• If you have a global presence, you need a global perspective for your worldwide audience. I’ve lived and worked in Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan, and I’m used to working on material that will be read by people whose first language isn’t English, or that will be translated. I can help you make your text clear, direct, and unambiguous.

• Your material comes with a corporate voice and tone. I'll do my best to maintain that in my work for you.

• I realize that editing for the business world means coping with constant change. I’m flexible, optimistic, and have a good sense of humor when faced with the unexpected or the impossible (or both, as often happens).

Please let me know how I can help you.

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